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February 16, 2015

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The Process Analysis Essay – Let’s Simplify This!

A process analysis essay is much less complicated than it sounds. It is simply an essay that describes the steps taken to complete a process. Try to imagine a step by step list of instructions. Now, imagine expanding each step on the list into a paragraph or just a couple of sentences. If the process in question was washing your car, the first step might be something like this:

  • Gather up sponges, a bucket, two towels, hose, and a bottle of soap. (instructions)

In a process analysis essay, that could be written like this:

The first step in washing a car requires gathering all of the necessary supplies. These will include a bucket to hold soapy water, two towels for drying, a hose for wetting and rinsing, and finally a bottle of soap for creating lather.

Of course that's a pretty simplistic process analysis essay example, and it is only the beginning of all of the steps involved in washing a car, which of course would be included in the full essay. But you get the idea!

Now that you have a cursory idea of what is included in process analysis essays, return to the topic at hand. What is the best way to choose a topic? There are a few things to be considered.

Keep Your Audience Interested with your Process Analysis Essay

Someone’s hobby may be collecting and refurbishing old cameras. It's a topic that this individual could probably write about at great length, but here's the problem. Nobody is interested in reading about restoring old cameras, except for people who like to restore old cameras. So, when you select your topic, choose something that will interest the reader, for example, learning how to scuba dive or the process for dealing with an IRS audit.

Think Outside of the Box

When students go online to find process analysis essay examples, some of the most interesting are on topics they would never have considered. Remember that a topic can be silly or amusing as long as you write a proper analysis essay about it. So, be creative. Here are a few topics that might keep your audience entertained:

  • How to boost your turtle's self-esteem.
  • Get banished from your local grocery store in less than five steps.
  • How to talk somebody into painting your house for free.
  • Convincing somebody that they are a glass of orange juice.
  • Efficient midnight shopping at the local grocery store

Yes, these are silly and outlandish, but they offer a great opportunity to make your audience laugh while they are reading.

Stick to a Step By Step Approach

If you search the internet for a process analysis essay sample, you will see that the step-by-step approach is the standard format for this type of essay. One of the reasons this works so well is that it leads very easily into a concluding paragraph, which might look something like this:

Remember, it isn't difficult to improve your turtle's self-esteem. Just take a few minutes each day to read him his turtle affirmations. Then, allow him to watch one hour of his favorite talk show each afternoon. Place him in front of a mirror before bedtime, and whisper to him how handsome he is. Finally, place fresh flowers next to his aquarium every few days. You wil know you are making progress when your turtle is willing to keep his head out more than in and when there is a new bounce in his step!