Cyber Bullying Essay

March 30, 2015

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Writing About the Sensitive Topic of Cyber-Bullying

At some point in time, nearly everybody who uses the internet for personal communications will be impacted by cyber bullying. The topic of cyber bullying is covered in many high school and college level classes. The reason for this is to educate students on the warning signs of cyber bullying, the dangers involved in this behavior, and how to appropriately react to cyber bullying. As with any other subject, if you have studied this topic in class, you may be asked to compose a cyber-bullying essay. This will allow you to do a bit of research, summarize your knowledge on the subject and present it to your classmates. As you write your essay on cyber bullying, it is important to remain objective, yet empathetic. Many students get into trouble as they write cyber bullying essays, because they present too many emotional arguments without enough hard data. Here are some tips and topic ideas for essays on cyber bullying.

The Introduction

Writing the cyber bullying essay introduction is not much different than writing other essay introductions. All you need to do is keep your topic in mind, open with something that will interest your readers, and include your thesis statement. If you aren't ready to begin writing your introductory paragraph, you may wish to begin the writing process by drafting a cyber-bullying essay outline. Chances are, this will help you to determine what your thesis statement will be, along with your supporting ideas.

Suggested Essay Topics/Writing Prompts

  • Write a cyber-bullying persuasive essay convincing your readers and instructor that raising the minimum age to join Facebook from 13 to 18 will reduce cyber bullying.
  • Write a personal essay about cyber bullying that you have experienced, and the impact it had on your life. If you have not experienced this issue, consider writing from the point of view of a friend or family member who has been impacted.
  • Write a definition essay on cyber bullying.
  • Compare and contrast the differences between cyber bullying and other types of bullying.
  • Are people too quick to label simple online disagreements as cyber bullying?
  • Is it appropriate for school officials to get involved in online disputes between students?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is experiencing cyber bullying?
  • Is internet monitoring software useful in preventing online bullying?
  • Should parents read their children's email and text messages?
  • When should children be educated about the topic of internet bullying?
  • When is it appropriate to involve the police in online bullying?
  • Compare and contrast the way girls engage in cyber bullying with the way boys engage in the same behavior.
  • Do adults commit acts of online bullying?
  • Write a cyber-bullying college essay on the physical and/or mental health effects suffered by victims of internet bullies.

Additional Information on Cyber Bullying Essay Papers

Creating an interesting title is something that many students overlook. Instead of putting thought into the title for cyberbullying essay, they just come up with something very quickly, right before turning the paper in. This is too bad, because a well thought out title tells the reader what to expect, and makes him/her interested in reading further. Another issue that many students struggle with when attempting to write any kind of essay is knowing where to get help. Always remember that your school writing lab is a great place to get essay writing help. If that isn't an option available to you, or if you are simply too busy to finish your essay, is always here to help you with your high school or college writing assignments.