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April 07, 2015

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Helpful Suggestions for Writing an Essay About Love

Love is actually a very common topic used in essay writing. After all, love and personal relationships impact each of us very deeply. You will encounter the topic of love in many of your classes. In History classes, you will learn how love influenced the decisions and actions of major historical figures. In Sociology and Psychology, you will learn about the influence of love on human behavior. In Literature class, you will study a variety of written works throughout time, many of which are based around the concept of love. In at least some of these classes you will have to write a love essay. This could mean that you will be writing an essay about love, or that love will be a major part of the information you are covering. Determining how to go about writing an essay on love is largely dependent on the specific subject matter you are studying, and who your target audience is. The rest of this blog will contain some helpful suggestions for you.

Writing Ideas for Essays on Love

Love Definition Essay Ideas

  • Write a definition essay on love that examines the differences between the ways in which various cultures define love.
  • Compose a definition essay on love that includes comparison/contrast. In this essay, explore how two different people may use different terminology to define what love is.
  • Why do men and women define love in different ways?

Ideas For a Narrative Essay About Love

  • Write a narrative essay about your first romantic relationship.
  • When was the first time you felt loved by somebody who was not a family member?
  • Compose a narrative essay on love about two literary characters and the love that developed between them

Writing Prompts for a Descriptive Essay About Love

  • Write a descriptive essay about something you did to show somebody how much you loved them.
  • Write a descriptive essay that describes something another person did to show you love.
  • Describe what it is like to feel unloved.
  • Write an essay about love using descriptive language to describe a relationship between two old friends.
  • Are feelings of love only limited to human beings? Describe the companionship and love that can be expressed between animals.

Other Topic Ideas for Essays About Love

  • Write a comparison contrast essay on two different culture's views on love and marriage.
  • Write a literary analysis on a romance novel.
  • Watch a classical film that has love as a central theme. Write a critique of the film.
  • Are people too quick to claim that they have fallen in love?
  • Do people confuse love with infatuation?
  • Is it truly possible for parents to love their children equally?
  • Is hate the opposite of love, or is apathy the opposite of love?
  • Is it possible to live one's entire life without falling in love with anybody?
  • What are the emotional impacts when love is withheld from a child?
  • When seeking partners for marriage, do people focus too strongly on emotional love, and not enough on more practical matters of compatibility?

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