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February 16, 2015

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The College Admission Essay – Some Important Hints

Think the college admission essay is not all that important? Think again. Students wanting to gain acceptance into the best universities can no longer rely on their grades and test scores. Many students learn this the yard way, when going through the process of applying to a variety of colleges and assuming that they are “shoe-ins” based upon their grades, their ACT/SAT test scores, and their wonderful list of activities and leadership positions. Because of this, they may tend to “blow off” the college application essay, thinking that it doesn’t really matter. They are dead wrong, and it can be a pretty big blow to receive that rejection letter in the mail. In disbelief and disappointment, the rejected students runs to his/her guidance counselor for an explanation. That explanation will probably be something like this: when students apply to colleges, they are competing with all other students who have essentially similar GPA’s, test scores, and lists of activities. What can set them apart is that one last piece – the admissions essay! If you have been rejected, do not submit another application until you get some serious help with that personal statement essay!

Some Research for College Admission Essay

It doesn’t matter if you are writing a Harvard admissions essay or one for your state university, this piece is an important part of your application. Begin with an Internet search, looking for examples of admissions essays that were considered exceptional. You will get some great ideas about how these winning essays are structured and creatively composed. Here are a few tips to help you as you prepare to compose your next admissions essays, based upon those that are considered to be superior.

  • The introductions of great essays are really compelling and make a reader want to read the rest. They either started with some short and attention-grabbing sentence or a short anecdote about the writer that was then woven into the topic of the prompt.
  • The body paragraphs are really well written, and they did not deviate from the prompt topic in any way. One thing you will see very clearly is that the transitions between paragraphs were really good, and that caused these essays to flow really well.
  • Another important thing you should notice right away is that the sentences are really varied in length and type. There are short simple sentences to make a point. Then there are longer, more complex sentences. This makes the essays more interesting to read.
  • The writers are not afraid to use humor, something that many never dream would be okay.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you have a difficult time getting stared on your essay, realize that you need to get some help. It might be in the form of an English teacher who is willing to spend time with you, even if it means re-teaching you some of the basic composition skills that you have forgotten or never mastered. What that teacher cannot teach you, however, is how to provide a unique and creative “bent” to what you write. You can get this, however, by asking yourself questions about the content you intend to include in your essay. By answering these questions, you may find greater emotion, humor, and ways to creatively talk about the subject.  

Writing is a Lifelong Learning Process

Of course, you will get into college, and you may be planning on graduate school after that. You will then be in the same position, because every graduate and/or professional school application will include one or more personal statement essays. Make it your mission to improve your writing skills, as you produce essays and papers during your undergraduate years. As the time approaches, do some research and look at “winning” graduate essays. Maybe you will be writing an MBA admission essay; perhaps you will be looking a law or medicine. Whether it is MBA admissions essays or those that will get you into law school, this time you will be prepared!