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The Growing Concerns of Consumerism

Consumerism is an ideology found in the society that encourages people to buy goods more that they need. Consumers tend to be in need to consume more than what they do need in reality. So, in the dimension of economics, consumerism comprises of policies that aim to put more emphasis on consumption of goods by consumers. Historically, the term was used to refer to a set of relations regarding production and exchange of goods that are witnessed in a certain social, political, and cultural domain. Consumerism is applied in various contexts especially it is used to show how people identify themselves with certain product especially products which are appealing to them. In another context, it is used to show how people consume more than what they need due to physical attraction to certain goods. (Marinho, n.d.)

Planned obsolescence on the other hand is an industrial policy for designing a product in such a way that the product has a limited life. Meaning that after some time, such product will not be in use to consumers and it cannot be considered functional to people in society hence described as obsolete. It has been used as a move to encourage consumers to purchase particular good before it becomes out of fashion. Hence, Planned obsolescence is beneficial to producers as they make sales on a certain type goods before the time stipulated elapses. (Marinho, n.d.)

In my opinion, consumption is the acquisition and utilization of goods by customers. It should not be initiated by external factors other than the normal needs. It should be within the domain of the ability of the consumer to do so and limited to the need of the consumer. I feel that consumers should consume only what they need due to economic constraints and producers should not limit the time through which consumers should need a certain goods in the name of planned obsolescence. (Marinho, n.d.)



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