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Nationhood is created when a group of people unit through a common language, culture or tradition. Nationalism is usually based on the loyalty that an individual has in his or her native soil and traditions which are symbolized by their devotion to the nation-state. In nationalism, the political and national responsibility of any citizen overrides that of public obligation (Gellner, Ernest, and Breuilly 2008, pg. 14). Washington D.C is the capital city of United States which under the constitution of was given exclusive jurisdiction of not being part of any state. Separation of the capital from the country has come under scrutiny with many people complaining about the slogan “taxation without representation.”  The tax burden for the residents is higher than that of any other state, yet it receives representation on the fact that federal government officials work and live there. The capital is the host to the Supreme Court, White House, and other government buildings. This essay, therefore, examines the reasons why the capital acts as a symbol of nationalism by clearly outlining how the Washington D.C shows limitation, territorial control, it appeared on the usual sites and how it adds gives a clear definition and understanding of the nation and how nations are produced.

Limits to the nation

Nationalism advocates that the most significant people who are considered before the rest therefore only concerning itself with those who belong. No American citizen should have their rights infringed this is because the limits of the nation ensure that every citizen feels a sense of belonging and is treated fairly. The residents don’t get to vote anyone in Congress, therefore, missing someone who will represent their grievances. This goes against their democratic voting rights and is a limitation to the nation. Taxation of the residents without being represented in the capital, therefore, seems a violation of their constitutional rights.

Territorial control

Nationalism is associated with the formation of nations who in most cases are considered the sovereign society. This, therefore, creates a territorial state is supposed to involve it citizens. The capital independence proves its control that has determined where the nation is to be formed.Foreign leaders have to visit the capital which represents the history of the United States.

Showing on sites

The capital does appear on sites of producing the nation since it was founded to commemorate one of the founding fathers of the nation, George Washington. The founding of the capital, Washington D.C marks a distinct mark in the country’s history and a milestone in the independence of United States.

How the government officials work in the capital

Washington D.C is home to the three branches of the federal government, the Supreme Court, and the Capitol Building. The officials aim to uphold the motto of the state which is “Justice for All,” therefore ensuring that every citizen receives fair treatment, and their rights are protected.


Nationalism is shown by how loyal and proud the citizens are on the beliefs that there are more important that other countries or form a nation of their own. The Washington D.C is the capital of United States which has been based on the history of the country. It acts as the host to many government offices and the White House. The administration of justice ensures that every person feels like they belong.

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