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Create Your Own Re-Mix Matrix in Writing

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Create your own re-mix matrix in writing

This essay includes remix matrix of different poems, stories and dramas by having same idea theme and techniques in writing. Ideas are got from theses material and can be remixed for recent films. Following stories, poems, and plays can be seen in recent films by remixing them in this way:

Home Burial: Urban and educated husband a son who died in road accident by riding bike. Wife forbids her husband purchasing bike for son.

Hills like White Elephants: An American man and woman are at New York airport waiting for flight to Florida. One hour to go for flight, they go to bar; there is a scenery having mountains and river.

The Story of an Hour: Mrs. Mallard is told her husband died in train accident. She locked herself in washroom. At the end Mr. Mallard escape alive from this tragedy she dies by hugging him. 

Some Keep the Sabbath: Poet is rich, she makes church in garden of her large palace.

Billy Collins, On Turning Ten: In poem, poet is present in village where he is sad on turning ten.

Ezra pound, in a station of the metro: Poet writes from railway plate of Madrid Spain, where weather is dark cloudy.

My Last Duches: Duke takes secretary to upstairs into his private room where he shows him portrait about his wife.

Susan Glaspell, Trifles: Attorney arrives with witnesses at Wright’s flat where police is investigating Wright’s murder

WIT “a play by Margaret Edson: In this play, Vivian is suffering from cancer present in home no one cares her because everyone thinks she will die soon

It can be concluded that remixing can be done with same ideas, themes and techniques to bring a new look.

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