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Food Justice

A research shows that the availability of healthy foods, which are particularly offered in supermarkets that sell freshly produced products, is not enough to encourage consumers to have a healthy diet. In other words, community policies that seek to establish more supermarkets around neighborhoods will not necessarily yield results where the majority of the community’s members will resolve to healthier eating habits (Larsen, 2011). This is especially true if the cost of purchasing market fresh foods is higher than the perceived competition: the fast food stores. In most food deserts, the typical case is that there are supermarkets around town that are indeed accessible, but the availability of cheaper options found in fast food establishments such as McDonald’s is competitive enough to snatch a significant portion of the consumer population (Hilmers, Hilmers & Dave, 2012). In consideration of this evidence, we can therefore conclude that the consumption of healthy foods versus unhealthy foods is not merely a matter of ‘access’, but just as importantly a matter of pricing. Indeed, pricing is the universal arena for economic competition, which implies that if there is one way to give real motivation to consumers to purchase market fresh food, it is to consider the possibility of shifting the cost of these foods so that they will become cheaper. This can be done through levying more tax to fast foods and/ or subsidizing market food costs. An argument can be made however that such an approach is anti- free market since it burdens specific sectors of the business sphere. While there will indeed be increased burden, this is a policy that is worth pursuing because it ultimately, as in utilitarian ethics (Individual Rights in the Workplace, 2014) serves the greater good of the population of food deserts who are at high risk of suffering health hazards due to an unhealthy diet.


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