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Conflicting Issues


The conflicts between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton was an ongoing grudge that basically was based on a report where Barron, Paris Hilton’s brother, was assaulted while in Miami, Florida.  Because nobody wanted to cooperate with police, the case was closed. Paris Hilton said that Lindsay Lohan was on his naughty record and was willing to reconcile their acquaintance with the actress, since her brother’s assault case was closed. Paris’ brother, Barron, was said to be beaten while being with Ray Lemoine. This was suspected to have been organized by Lindsay Lahan (Gurvis, 2011).  

Paris stated that they were going to be judged according to their action. As a result of having a strong and influential background from his family, it was hard for an individual to go without facing the repercussion. The two individuals had gone through a long encounter owing to their past experience as enemies; Parris was caught in a film in the year 2006 making fun of parent trap star, together with her friend Brandon Davis who referred Lindsay as a ‘firecrotch’. On the other hand, her brother Barron was not showing any cooperation with the police despite the alleged assault. Barron was said to be on vacation on Hawaii and he was said to be unavailable for the smooth progress of investigations (Fredricks, Blumenfeld & Paris, 2011). Despite the investigation coming to a close, Barron online note openly slumped, both Lindsay as well as his suspected attacker Lemoine publically, hence promoting the conflict spirits of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s dispute.

In October 2006 many assumed that the conflicts between the two had settled down, after new pictures of the two surfaced while smocking together as friends. Despite this being the case, during the month of November 2006 another video surfaced with Lindsay surrounded by Paparazzi calling Paris “shit” in front of the cameras, it is the ego in the two principals that caused conflict now that non was willing to let go of ones pride (McLaughlin, 2006). Paris Hilton is correct by saying, “they will pay” after her brother was beaten up. Her words came after the police arrived and found the 24year, Barron Hilton beaten bloodily while claiming Lindsay Lohan had masterminded the attack on him.

On the other hand Lindsay claimed innocent when confronted by police” I was not at the occasion when the incident occurred” Lindsay may have finally had a shot at cleaning her act! Whether she was really behind the assault or is simply being framed. It sounds like a begging of numerous opposing hypotheses that arises between the two principals another version wherein Lindsay denies any involvement mama Dina, but didn’t have the facts (Reid & Buckley, 2011). Lemoine's backed these sentiments on the alleged attack on Paris Hiton brother. Lindsay was correct when she denied his involvement but later went on updating his social network update status quoting a police report. The police account obtained by Press stated that, the witnesses were of the view that a male individual asked Barron, to depart before striking him with an object on the face.

Neither Paris Hilton nor two witnesses could identify the attacker” Lindsay Lohan claimed. Barron Hilton asked his lawyer to contact police in Miami Beach to pursue charges over a beating that left him hospitalized. The 24-year-old Hilton was beaten at a Miami mansion party by 31-year old New York City writer Ray LeMoine claimed to be planned by Lindsay, doctors and a much physical evidences shows that Barron was admitted and hospitalized (Khalil, 2007). Hilton wanted LeMone charged for an incident leading to stitches marks on his fore head, and for the fact that the rented house belonged to LeMoine at the Miami mansions where Hilton accused Hilton for refusing to leave thus attracting a fight only subjecting him to injury while at the party. Hilton was ready to sue the two; Lohan as well as LeMoine for their action. LeMoine defended himself and said he was innocent of everything. From Lemone defensive statement above, it is clearly evidently that Barron Hilton the brother to Paris Hilton was beaten up hence all evidence came out clearly that Paris Hilton was right when he tried to find justice for her brother.


For this conflicting issues to be well tackled it was wise to consider taking a critical look into the issue thus arrive at a good decision to be able to handle the situation.

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